Plai Na Natural Wood Comb Afro Pick Handmade For Thick And Curly Hair

For wet and dry hair. Massage head. Hand crafted in Afro comb shape for thick curly hair pick. Prevent static and easy to detangle hair during usage. Promote blood circulation on your skin. Made of natural wood. Smooth and comfortable. Relieve stress. Natural wood comb Afro for Thick and Curly Hair. For wet and dry hair.

Each piece has a unique solid wooden look. Wide and long teeth. Anti-Static.

Breezelike Wide Tooth Wooden Hair Comb - No Static Sandalwood Scent Natural Hair Detangler Comb - Handmade Wavy Handle Detangling Comb with Premium Gift Box

Breezelike green sandalwood combs tend to add natural soothing fragrance to your hair and relieve stress. The natural soothing fragrance of sandalwood has the effect to calm the nerves and relieve stress. The wavy handle wooden comb is handmade with 100% natural fragrant green sandalwood. Crafted with refined traditional handicrafts, well polished, smooth and seamless.

No snags, no static, less frizz, easy to detangle all hair types and prevents hair breakage. Natural sandalwood aroma and refined wooden teeth help to relieve tension and stimulate scalp, great for massage. Premium quality hair comb, with an excellent after-sales service, perfect for gifting! 7. 1" long. Preservations:- do not drop sandalwood combs on hard floors like concrete floor, tile floor etc or collide them with other hard objects.

Do not soak sandalwood combs in water especially hot water for a long time. Green sandalwood has a long-lasting distinctive soft warm precious-wood fragrance. The sandalwood resin may condense into crystal substance like fuzz on the surface of the sandalwood comb. All breezelike green sandalwood combs are made with natural green sandalwood and crafted with Chinese traditional handicrafts.

If you have to wash them, remember to wipe them dry with a cotton towel afterwards.

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